My name is Mirei, I'm working for Cosmic Production's talent voluntarily, especially Eden and Crazy:B. Anzu-san is my Goddess.


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Finished ProjectGacha and Event Story
- Frontline Watchdog (with Harmonyleaf )
- Universe ( April fools 2021 )
- EXCEED (with Hyenahunt)
Short Stories
- The Young Girl Before The Gate
(Gatekeeper Introduction Story)
- Paradise of Food (Ibara FS 3)
- Cradle of Turbulence (Ibara's FS4)
- Season It as You Like (Niki's FS3)
- A Pursuit Scene in Plain Sight (HiMERU's FS 3)
- Nagisa Idol Story 2
- ES!! Main Story 1 - Secret (Chapter70)
- Just What Kind of Taste is This?(Ibara FS 3)
Eden's room conversation Voiceline
- Ibara
- Nagisa
- Jun
- Hiyori
- Ibara's Conquest Mini Talk
part 1
part 2
Work in Progress- Various Main Story ES!! era

Live Report

- Spring Evening - discontinued
- Obbligato
- Seven Bridges
- White Brim - Full
- City Rider - Chapter 5
- Sweet sweet hunger
- Bankara Graffiti
- Polka Dots - Only Ibara Appearance
Idol Stories
- Rinne FS3 - Requirements of Win
- Rei FS3 - The Black and White's War Time
- Eichi FS5
- Rei FS4-2 - The Dilemma of Coffin
- Adonis FS3-2 - Running My Way
- Shu FS4 - Goodnight Shu-kun
- Ibara FS5-2 - Mellow Tactician
- Rinne FS4-2 - Wishing to God
- Makoto FS3-2